Monday, 31 August 2015

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The Trainer Diet 1.0

My favourite all round trainers. Well ... where do I start?! After years of trying different brands and different styles, I finally feel like I have found my holy grail! The ability to walk 6 miles and not have sore feet or legs, pull them on with a pair of skinny jeans and have a huge variety of colours to choose from instantly drew them to my attention.

The Nike Free 5.0 trainers are just the best multitasking trainer I have found.

I have found that I can pound of the miles in these shoes whilst being comfortable and the lightweight feel and look just makes them increabily easy to wear with virtually anything. I regularly walk 4-5 miles per day in these trainers and I have never once felt the unpleasant twinge from the arches of my feet or old shin splints. I have ran in these trainers outside before and they perhaps weren't cushioned enough but for everyday wear and road/street walking the are great. I can safely say that I probably wear a pair of Nike Free 5.0's at least 5 times a week. The flexible sole allows for a bouncy like response but not too clumpy and the offset lacing gives for a great fit and comfort.

The possible drawback of this shoe is the wearing down of the tread pretty quickly. I probably go through 3-4 pairs a year but considering the number of miles I do, I don't think that's bad at all. For a lightweight shoe with enough cushioning for walking and jogging on the treadmill they are certainly a great buy!

I currently have 4 pairs in my wardrobe varying in age and colour. Over the years I have also owned purple, grey and dark pink pairs.

The variety of colour schemes sold is just immense; so there is something to suit everyone. 
My current favourites are the black ones as I can wear them with just about anything casual. I can regularly be found in a pair of skinny jeans that I have cuffed, a pair of cute, coloured trainer socks and these Nikes. 

The price can be a bit of a sting but I have found that Achilles Heel do some great offers and they often come up reduced once the new seasons stock has arrived. 

The Nike Free 5.0 trainers are definitely a must have for everyday wear and walk whilst they can also be used in the gym and on light jogs. A MUST HAVE ESSENTIAL in my opinion. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Little About Me

I have been interested in health and fitness for a while now, as both my parents enjoyed sport when I was a child. The motivation really kicked in about 5 years ago when I started to play netball at a competitive level and it was then that I found my love for being active.

Over the years, I have had NUMEROUS joint problems and surgeries that put me out of playing competitive netball, however I decided to try out running after everything settled down (growing over 6 inches in 13 months didn't help!). The first few moths saw me sweaty and exhausted after only a mile or two. I stuck at it at found a love for just getting out and having some me time. The clich├ęd wind through the hair and zoning out with my head phones in never fails to put me in a better mood when the endorphins start pumping.

The gym has also become a favourite since I was about 16 and I being able to mix up some cardio and strength training gave me some results in quite a short space of time.

As far back as I can remember, walking has been a huge part of my life. It has probably helps that I live in Scottish country side! Being able to get away from daily technology (as out of town phone signal is a rarity!!) and just enjoy talking to friends and family whilst enjoying the scenery has always had a huge appeal. It has also allowed me to wrack up my average 40 miles per week of just walking.

Whilst participating in a variety of all things sporty I came across the joy of buying trainers!! After only possessing one pair of trainers at a time I decided to slowly 'splash the cash' and buy a designated pair of trainers for each activity. And this is where is plan to implement my own review: 'The Trainer Diet'. I enjoy not only wearing trainers for most of the day but finding out what trainer is best for what activity and what I can wear them with!! After spending money on fitness clothing, my exercise clothing slowly started to over take my 'normal' clothes and more space was required than the corner of the drawer that had previously been allocated as my obsession grew.

My other interests also include beauty and travel and I hope to be able to splash in a few random posts other topics as well.

A few facts about me:

  • I am 5 foot 11 inches tall. 
  • I am 19 years old
  • I enjoy just about anything that involves exercise.
  • I am studying to be a primary teacher.
  • I have a serious obsession for trainers. 
  • I am a quarter Italian. 
  • I have dislocated my left shoulder 6 times!!