Monday, 31 August 2015

The Trainer Diet 1.0

My favourite all round trainers. Well ... where do I start?! After years of trying different brands and different styles, I finally feel like I have found my holy grail! The ability to walk 6 miles and not have sore feet or legs, pull them on with a pair of skinny jeans and have a huge variety of colours to choose from instantly drew them to my attention.

The Nike Free 5.0 trainers are just the best multitasking trainer I have found.

I have found that I can pound of the miles in these shoes whilst being comfortable and the lightweight feel and look just makes them increabily easy to wear with virtually anything. I regularly walk 4-5 miles per day in these trainers and I have never once felt the unpleasant twinge from the arches of my feet or old shin splints. I have ran in these trainers outside before and they perhaps weren't cushioned enough but for everyday wear and road/street walking the are great. I can safely say that I probably wear a pair of Nike Free 5.0's at least 5 times a week. The flexible sole allows for a bouncy like response but not too clumpy and the offset lacing gives for a great fit and comfort.

The possible drawback of this shoe is the wearing down of the tread pretty quickly. I probably go through 3-4 pairs a year but considering the number of miles I do, I don't think that's bad at all. For a lightweight shoe with enough cushioning for walking and jogging on the treadmill they are certainly a great buy!

I currently have 4 pairs in my wardrobe varying in age and colour. Over the years I have also owned purple, grey and dark pink pairs.

The variety of colour schemes sold is just immense; so there is something to suit everyone. 
My current favourites are the black ones as I can wear them with just about anything casual. I can regularly be found in a pair of skinny jeans that I have cuffed, a pair of cute, coloured trainer socks and these Nikes. 

The price can be a bit of a sting but I have found that Achilles Heel do some great offers and they often come up reduced once the new seasons stock has arrived. 

The Nike Free 5.0 trainers are definitely a must have for everyday wear and walk whilst they can also be used in the gym and on light jogs. A MUST HAVE ESSENTIAL in my opinion. 

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