Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Trainer Diet 2.0

'The Running Shoe'

The Nike Flyknit Lunar 3 are perfect for multi-terrain outside runs. I find that they provide the perfect  amount of cushioning and support. The sole unit is great for paths, woodland trails and roads. Springing from foot to foot is pretty easy with these shoes as they seem to have a great 'bounce' quality making it quite fun for the occasional spring into the air when nobody is around! It has some non-slip qualities but I wouldn't recommend running in the snow with them. I have run over 300 miles in these trainers and they are still looking like new!

The upper part of the trainer allows for great flexibility and movement. The snug fit stops my foot from moving around within the shoe, allowing for a perfect fit. Cleaning these shows is pretty easy as well. I find that when they get dirty, a damp cloth usually does the trick and they are back to looking as good as new. 

Overall, I find these shoes perfect for my outdoor runs that can vary from 1 mile sprints to 6 mile steady, forest runs. I love the comfort that these shoes provide and the quality is excellent. I ordered these shoes directly from Nike UK but Achilles Heel and Prodirect Running often have trainers that are heavily discounted. 

A must-have trainer for the all round runner.